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Studied at Southend School of Art where he studied printmaking and painting. He is very interested in Greek and Roman art and history which is reflected in a number of his prints. Architectural subjects are also an important source of inspiration, both classical and modern architecture. He likes to combine different media eg dry point and collograph, sometimes using 2 or more plates; it is possible to get very exciting contrasts of colour line and texture by either printing dry point over collograph or visa versa. Usually these prints are done as monoprints. This gives much more freedom and a looser feel which he believes is important in his printmaking. He likes to contrast his working methods, to produce very detailed images but also enjoys working in a freer more abstract way. The methods he uses are etching, dry point, mezzotint, collograph, relief printing, viscosity printing and combinations of dry point and collograph, He is a member of Gainsborough House Print Workshop and is one of the members to run printmaking courses..He is currently combining photography and silk screen printing which are shown in the images below. Using his own photographs, in this case musicians, he uses cut out stencils and photographic images. The photograph of Brownie McGhee was taken in 1975 at a concert in London. The second image is of a street musician also taken in London in 2007.

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' London Street Musician 1/1 '

Photo silkscreen print

44cm x 34cm (18" x 14")

' Brownie McGhee 1/10 '

Photo silkscreen print

28cm x 35cm (11" x 14")