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Julia Vezza studied at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham and The Hornsey School of Art. Later she studied etching with Peter Freeth at The Camden Institute, London. She taught art in London Schools for 13 years and then in Adult education as a Senior Lecturer in the Art Department. She spent 15 years splitting her life between Ronda, Spain and London. During this time her work was inspired by the Spanish landscape. She now lives and paints in Wivenhoe, Essex. She etches at The Cuckoo Farm Print Workshop and is a member of The Colchester Art Society. She has exhibited regularly in Spain, London, Colchester and Wivenhoe. Julia's paintings and etchings reflect her increasing involvement with the Essex landscape- its skies, seasons and weather, evoking moods, memories and dreams of beyond what actually is.

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' The Sheep In The Meadow ''


75 x 70mm ( 3 " x 2 3/4" )

' Zahara 1 '


210 x 140mm ( 8 " x 5 1/2")