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Al Brown chose a science career but eventually found his way back to the studio trying out various media. Printmaking became increasingly attractive and he joined Cuckoo Farm Print workshop in 2007. He tried out many experimental printmaking techniques. In 2012 he joined Gainsborough House print workshop and made good use of their lithography facilities. His subject matter is varied but seems to tend towards the surreal and hopefully humorous. He has been concentrating on jigsaw woodcuts made with a scroll saw. Few other artists appear to be doing this so he is teaching himself the technique. So far he has discovered nine or so different jigsaw methods. He uses water based inks and Japanese papers which can produce a light ethereal image. Recently he has been experimenting further with aluminium foil "kitchen" lithography using thin plastic cut-outs as a medium and soft cut lino. He tutors small classes in the main printing techniques. He has exhibited in Colchester, at Cuckoo farm, the Maldon Art Trail in 2008, 2009 and 2010, in Braintree, at the Mall gallery BITE Exhibition 2012 and recently at the QuayTheatre with other Gainsborough printmakers and at Colchester library with the Cuckoo farm group.

He may be contacted via his e-mail address


'Psycho Road Kill'

Method Jigsaw Woodcut


'Confectionery in Peril: Candy Cane in an Abattoir'

Method Jigsaw Woodcut.